Insurance Companies Alive and Well Checks

Many insurance companies utilize alive and well checks to insure that the claimant, who continues to receive lost wage benefits, is still alive.

Frankly, alive and well checks are one of the most senseless exercises but many insurance companies continue to require them.

An alive and well check takes about 5 minutes.  Often times the insurance carrier will contact the injured worker and/or his attorney and ask to meet in order to complete the alive and well check.

At the time of the meeting they will ask the claimant to fill out an affidavit certifying that they are receiving their checks and they are not working.

We strongly recommend that all claimants refuse to complete any such form unless the form has been reviewed by an attorney first.  This is because many of the forms are ambiguous and their purpose, in part, is to trap unwitting claimants into certifying that they have no done any type of physical activity.  In those instances, an insurance company may have video to the contrary and the “alive and well check” form provides them with evidence of fraud.

If you have been asked to complete an alive and well check, our advice is to refuse to do so.  An insurance company can always ask for a hearing before a Law Judge at which time the questions will be clear and fair.

If you are represented by an attorney always contact your attorney for advice regarding how to handle these inquires.