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Don’t Be Disrespected By The Insurance Company

April 20, 2012

Having practiced injury law for many years, I have heard numerous stories of insurance adjuster’s rude and inappropriate behavior towards claimants. Usually this occurs in Workers’ Compensation cases.

As an injured worker, you are entitled to be treated with some respect by the insurance adjuster. However, many adjusters stereotype all injured workers as second-class citizens looking for benefits that they are not entitled to. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Always remember that insurance adjusters are in the business of paying out as little as possible. Therefore, do not blindly accept what the insurance carrier’s agent is telling you.

If you believe that you are not being treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve and wonder if you are receiving all of the benefits that you are entitled to from your Workers’ Compensation’s claim, contact our office for a free case evaluation.

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