Does Your Case Qualify For WISK?

In the Albany District Office of the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board a process known as WISK went into effect several years ago.  WISK stands for Walk-In Stipulation Calendar.  WISK is one of the few sensible and effective modifications made to the claims handling process by the Workers’ Compensation Board.  The WISK process pertains only to those cases where an agreement has already been reached between the insurance company, the claimant, and his attorney regarding a specific issue in the case.

The great thing about the WISK process is that it allows all parties, upon mutual agreement, to schedule a hearing immediately, sometime within a day or two so that a Law Judge can review the agreement and approve it.  This is a far cry from the usual course of business where it can take months and months to have a hearing scheduled and where layers of bureaucratic red tape delay necessary findings in a case.

The WISK process cannot be used to get a hearing where the issues to be addressed are in dispute.  It only applies where an agreement has been reached and the parties have entered a written stipulation documenting this agreement.

If you have questions about the WISK procedure or any aspect of your New York State Workers’ Compensation claim, feel free to contact our office.